CorMatrix Cor™ TRICUSPID

Cor™ TRICUSPID ECM® valve is an investigational device and not commercially available. The Cor™ TRICUSPID ECM® valve is a cell free, extracellular matrix, tissue engineered valve for the tricuspid valve position. Unlike any other valve the Cor™ TRICUSPID valve is a stentless cylindrical seamless valve that provides ventricular continuity and normal motion of the valve annulus. This normal “physiologic” valve steadily remodels into the patient’s own tissue, doesn’t require anticoagulation, and is resistant to calcification.

This valve has no synthetic parts and functions as a competent valve immediately upon separation from cardiopulmonary bypass mimicking the normal motion of an intact tricuspid valve. The Cor™ TRICUSPID is created from decellularized porcine intestinal submucosa, the most investigated ECM available, in various sizes that will allow for surgeon preference as patient needs may dictate.

Product Information


  • 22mm: CMCTV-022
  • 26mm: CMCTV-026
  • 30mm: CMCTV-030
  • 34mm: CMCTV-034
  • 38mm: CMCTV-038

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Matrix Cor TRICUSPID ECM Valve
Matrix Cor TRICUSPID 5 Sizes