Cor PATCH, epicardial patch is a second generation extracellular matrix device engineered for epicardial placement for support and repair of weakened areas of the heart such as thinned or aneurysmal ventricular wall secondary to myocardial infarction.

CorMatrix Harnessing Healing


Cor TRICUSPID ECM® valve is the first valve specifically designed for tricuspid valve replacement. This stentless and seamless tissue engineered valve contains no synthetic materials, allows for valve-ventricular continuity, and is designed to provide full remodeling into patient tissue.*

* Cor TRICUSPID ECM® valve is an investigational device and not commercially available.

Video clip courtesy of Mark Gerdisch, Indianapolis, St Francis.


Cor PEDIATRIC tricuspid ECM® valve is a seamless tissue engineered valve for congenital disease requiring tricuspid valve replacement in pediatric patients. This valve is designed to provides a tissue engineered solution in a stentless design capable of remodeling into the patient’s tissues.*

*Cor PEDIATRIC tricuspid ECM® valve is an investigational device and not commercially available.

CorMatrix Cor PEDIATRIC Tricuspid ECM Valve

CorMatrix Cardiovascular, Inc. is a regenerative biotechnology company based in metro Atlanta, Georgia, founded to address the world’s largest unmet cardiovascular clinical need and challenge of congestive heart failure, valve disease and other cardiovascular clinical challenges.