CorMatrix Cor™ PATCH

The CorMatrix Cor™ PATCH is a device that has been designed to assist cardiac surgeons in those areas of repair requiring additional epicardial support of adult cardiac structures. Made of a second generation of extracellular matrix (ECM®) technology the Cor™ PATCH can be used for sequelae secondary to myocardial infarction resulting in a thinning of ventricular walls, aneurysm formation or for any areas requiring epicardial placement of a patch for support. The intact structural nature of the ECM® within the Cor™ PATCH allows for host cellular ingrowth and a robust angiogenesis.

This improved ECM® is free of nuclear remnants, cell wall fragments, and lipids yet contains factors necessary for tissue remodeling. Unlike synthetic or gluteraldehyde cross-linked patches the Cor PATCH is designed to minimize inflammatory reactions after implantation yet provide the structural support necessary for epicardial structures.

Product Information

Cor™ PATCH, Epicardial Patch 5 PACK

  • 5cm x 5cm: CMCP5P-055
  • 7cm x 10cm: CMCP5P-710

To order, please contact Customer Service at 678-566-2628

Cor PATCH Strength Characteristics
CorMatrix Cor PATCH