What is CorMatrix®?

Harnessing Science

Harnessing science to promote natural healing

CorMatrix is a unique natural material that surgeons can use to repair damaged tissue and help the heart or veins heal themselves. When surgically implanted, The CorMatrix device acts as a scaffold to support tissue regrowth at the cellular level. The material provides the right environment for the patient’s own cells to regrow and remodel the damaged heart or vascular structure. CorMatrix is gradually remodeled or replaced, leaving behind healthy, fully functional tissue.

CorMatrix products are made from a naturally occurring material called extracellular matrix (ECM). ECM surrounds cells in almost all tissues, acting as a scaffold that helps cells divide and regrow to heal damaged tissue.

Our patented ECM material stimulates natural wound healing mechanisms to form a strong, permanent tissue repair. CorMatrix devices have been used successfully in many different surgical applications, including open heart surgery, pericardial reconstruction (i.e., a procedure in which the native pericardium, the sac-like structure which surrounds and protects the heart is closed or repaired), valve repairs, and vascular repairs. It enables surgeons to restore the anatomy of cardiovascular tissues in need of repair, and provides a superior alternative to synthetic materials.

CorMatrix helps remodel, regrow and restore damaged tissue through a four-step process:

1) Signaling the Body

Unlike synthetic materials or other biologic grafts, CorMatrix communicates with the body, signaling the cells surrounding healthy tissue to grow and incorporate into the matrix. This is known as “cell proliferation”–or the increase in cell number as a result of cell growth and division. The result is strong, fully vascularized tissue where damaged tissue once existed.

2) Providing Resistance to Infection

To repair a tissue defect, a biomaterial must be able to signal the influx of host defenses to fend off infection. Because CorMatrix products encourage the regrowth of vascularized tissue, they allow the body’s own defense mechanisms to react and respond to any potential infection.

3) Enabling Cellular Regrowth and Remodeling

Ideally, a biomaterial should produce a permanent repair without leaving behind a permanent material. With CorMatrix products, the remodeled tissue displays similar characteristics as the native tissue. During the healing process, CorMatrix is replaced by the body’s native tissue – developing into a permanent repair without the long-term presence of a foreign body.

4) Providing Long-Term Strength

CorMatrix products are designed to support the mechanical requirements necessary for repair of specific heart and vascular anatomy. Over time, CorMatrix remodels to maintain strength while allowing growth of the patient’s own tissue.

If you have been told you need open heart surgery, ask your surgeon if you could benefit from the use of CorMatrix ECM®.