CorMatrix® Pericardial Repair & Reconstruction

CorMatrix® Pericardial Repair and Reconstruction is used to restore the pericardium by providing a natural bioscaffold that allows the patient’s own cells to form a new pericardial layer. Absence of the pericardial barrier often leads to scarring and the formation of adhesions between the heart and sternum, impairing normal heart function. Reconstructing the pericardium facilitates less bleeding and re-exploration, safer re-entry, and may shorten operative times for redo. Reformation of the pericardium using CorMatrix enables surgeons to re-establish this essential native anatomic structure.


  • CorMatrix remodels over time to restore healthy, pericardial tissue
  • Preserves the distance between the heart and sternum (Rao et. al.)
  • Improves hemodynamics by restoring normal anatomy (Kroeker et. al.)
  • Enables accurate identification of post-operative bleeding (Spodick)
  • CorMatrix lacks the pro-inflammatory components of chemically fixed xenografts (Boyd

Pericardial Anatomy

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